Monday, 22 December 2014

'On my way to another lazy morning'

Winter is here to stay and the coats and hats are on! I'm now back home for the next few weeks, already stocking up on home-baked goodies and warming my toesies by the fire. I went to a carol service last night and it was nice to reflect on the meaning of Christmas, as well as listen to some beautiful songs and readings.
My next few days are dedicated to baking, eating, sleeping, painting and watching movies with my family - Moi je - Fais Rien sums up my lovely lazy attitude to life at the moment.

Below are a few photos taken last week when my flatmate and I went for a saunter around Mills Observatory in Dundee.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Gluten-free Goodness

 At last my gluten-free cookbook is on it's way to print, ready to be binded and photographed! All recipes in my illustrated book have been personally tried and tested; I can firmly say that they all taste 100% delicious! They are student friendly - no fuss, no fancy sounding expensive ingredients, and suitable for anyone who is Coeliac or wheat intolerant (with handy tips throughout).

  Here are some page exerts from the book ...Bon App├ętit!